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A safe, comfortable and fast boat will welcome you and introduce you to the beauty of a location where the sky and the sea blend in harmony.

When you leave Sorrento heading west, you say goodbye to its historical hotels, villas and gardens distributed on its sheer golden cliff of “tufo” stone to meet the remains of the ancient roman “Pollio Felice’s Villa” situated on the extreme headland of Capo, once site of the Baths of the infamous Queen Giovanna.

Punta Campanella – Penisola Sorrentina
Punta Campanella – Penisola Sorrentina

After the “Puolo Bay”, a quiet tiny fisherman’s village, you will admire the beautiful landscape of Massa Lubrense and its colourful villages hidden within the lush olive and lemon trees spreading along the smooth hillside. From here breathtaking sea cliffs and seashores will follow one after the other until “Punta Campanella”, where the headland/mainland of Monti Lattari stretches down to the coast to divide the two Gulfs.

Here you will hear of Minerva and her sumptuous Temple, the epic journey of Ulysses and the deceptive singing of the legendary Mermaids that used to attract the sailors and give them death.

You will then come across the sheer bare coast and the ancient watch towers which were used as an early warning against the Saracen’s storms, to be then welcomed in the enchanted “Jeranto Bay” and the nearby “Li Galli Islands”, the small islands known as “Sirenuse”, where the dancing silhouette of the famous Rudolph Nureyev is still spinning over it like an angel.


Not far away appears the charming, authentic village of Positano, with its mass of colourful houses and lights clinging to the rocky high sea cliffs like a fairy tale scenery.

After a brief stop at the Smeraldo’s Grotto, you will then shore at the ancient “Republic of Amalfi”, and admire its structure that still keeps the monumental splendour from its glorious ages. You will then understand why this territory was once called “the divine coast line”.

Heading towards Capri and its rocky “Faraglioni”, you might decide to stop at the island to capture the secret of its legendary beauty. You will then realise that the paradise is here in this corner of the earth, where mother nature had exceeded herself with this unique location.

If you are interested in a more challenging itinerary, remember that Sorrento’s harbour is situated in the centre of the Tyrrhenian Sea, so you can cruise towards multiple locations of the Mediterranean and visit the greatest cities of the past.

Cruising down south, between the ever smoking Stromboli and the Eolie Islands, you will see the large Etna peak rising over the Messina Channel, and you could go coast to coast and visit the ancient Sicilian cities still rich in Baroque, Arab and Greek remains.

Continuing towards east you will discover the mythic Greece and its marvellous sunshine. Alternatively, head west and you could stretch to Spain, Corsica and the Balearic Islands, which are considered some of the finest pearls of our sea and continue to cruise along the Spanish coast or the cosy and luxurious Côte d’Azur.

These are some of the most fascinating itineraries that we are able to offer you: the choice is yours, surely any will satisfy you. Enjoy your time with Sorrento Charter and happy cruising!


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